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Oh My Mumsy is a Motherhood, Style & Fashion Blog written by Jessiika Wilson. From Dreamy nursery inspo to her favourite look of the week, you can find all the things she loves here.

Feather & Noise Edit

Ya'll know I am a HUGE Feather & Noise Fan, literally; there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wear at least 1 item of F&N but majority of the time it's head to ankles! I am obsessed with this years Winter collection which features their famous Tash & Coco Jeans and a … Continue reading Feather & Noise Edit

My Tribe

Husband. Also known as Phil, Daddy & on a good night, Chino Pappi. He is the most determined, passionate, supportive person I know. We met in 2009, I'd just gotten my first full time job out of school selling memberships at a gym. Clearly I was freaking awesome at my job because it closed down 2 … Continue reading My Tribe